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Medical Electronic Equipment

  • Blood & Infusion Warmer FM-W3
    Blood & Infusion Warmer FM-W3

    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Power supply: AC230V10%/50~60Hz Power consumption: Max. 80VA Type of protection against electric shock: Class I Degree of protection against electric shock: Type B Degree of pr...

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  • Portable Audiometer FM-0702
    Portable Audiometer FM-0702

    0702 audiometer is a computer control hearing test equipment thatcombine by several functional modules. Its a Microcomputer hearingevaluation tool which develop base on hearing test and the Acousticreq...

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  • Audiometer FM-AD104
    Audiometer FM-AD104

    The FM-AD104 Audiometer can connect to the computer to transfer the data and also you can save the data on your computer. Frequency and maximum output intensity Frequency AC dB HL BC dB HL Hz TDH39 B71...

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  • Audiometer FM-AD105
    Audiometer FM-AD105

    FM-AD105 is a kind of high-precision,economical and practical screeningaudiometer. It can use for hearing test when fitting high-end hearing-aidand visiting service.And also use for hearing condition t...

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  • Feeding Pump FM-P600
    Feeding Pump FM-P600

    Model FM-P600 Feature: Withdraw and cleaning at adjustable rate Fluid warmer at adjustable temperature Pumping Mechanism: Curvilinear peristaltic Enteral Feeding Set: Compatible with IV sets of any sta...

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